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Welcome to PDXJACK.COM, the site for the Northwest Group!

NGI Team We are your local team that operates every Jack in the Box in the greater Portland Metropolitan area.  We serve every community from Longview to the north, McMinnville to the west, Albany to the south, and The Dalles to the east. 

We staff our 41 locations with local employees from each of these communities and serve our guests, with all locations open 7 days a week, and most open 24 hours each day.

In 2021, we celebrated our 70-year anniversary. We have a rich brand history: we invented the first drive-thru, implemented intercom ordering, and rolled out the first quick-serve breakfast sandwich and portable salads. We were the first to have breakfast all day. Impressive, right? Bet you did not know that! 😊

What’s even more impressive, what makes us special? Our delicious, high-quality, craveable food is ready when you are; we’re known for the most varied menu in the industry.

We’re a FUN and INCREDIBLY COOL brand, always popping out in innovative, unexpected ways – yet anchored in a culture of leadership.

Whatever your journey is, whatever passion you wish to pursue – restaurant operations, management, maintenance, finance, people, marketing – we have opportunities for your next step.

We are growing and we want energetic, passionate people who want to grow. WE WANT YOU!

We intentionally set you up for success. Starting with transparent exchanges to enable you to become a seasoned leader, we leverage your strengths as a unique individual. We have opportunities, facilities and a great headquarters to grow your career.

We believe in people development so you can take care of you and those you support. And the cherry on top? The last 2 years, we’ve 100% matched every employee 401k contribution!

So grow with us and make us better, as we aspire to be the BEST COMPANY YOU’VE EVER BEEEN A PART OF.

We look forward to meeting you! As we say here at Jack: “In a world of fries, be the curly one.”

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